Snappgrip iPhone Camera Controller

£69.99 £47.89 GBP

The Snappgrip controller mounts to a protective phone case so that you can conveniently attach it when you want to use your handset for some serious photography.

Snap on the Snappgrip controller and gain access to real shooting controls including: Shutterfull press to take picture, half press to focus. Shooting Mode, Portrait, Landscape, Flash, Video, Zoom In Zoom Out. On the underside you’ll find a standard tripod mount and a standby power switch.

Stylish, pocketable, and convenient, Snappgrip is the phone accessory you can carry every day to take advantage of your phone’s camera capabilities.

Compatible with iPhone 5/5s. Comes with a micro USB for charging (60 hours standby).

Tripod mount is compatible with all standard tripods.


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