Wooden Digital Clock

£40.00 GBP

An innovative, stylish and functional wooden alarm clock that can light up with Time, Date and Temperature at the click of your fingers.

This cube eco-friendly Alarm Clock looks like a plain block of wood, however…

It can tell you the time, date and temperature alternately in Blue/Red LED colour on a very natural looking block of wood, then the display will automatically go off leaving a plain black wood-effect box when it’s quiet. It will only light up again when the alarm is on, or by clicking your fingers or tapping on top as the clock is sound activated.

But, If you’re bored of the plain look, you can set it to display permanently and you can also set it to display time only (won’t alternate between time and temperature).

It’s the perfect unique and clever home accessory for your bedside table, especially if you don’t like a bright light shining in your bedroom at night. But, if you need to check the time, you can just click your fingers or gently tap your bedside table and the time will appear, so you dont have to struggle to find your phone in the darkness anymore.

Internal battery inside so you don’t need to re-program custom settings.

There is also a dimmer facility built into this clock, so there’s no need to worry about the clock being too bright even if you want to leave it on permanently at night time.


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