iVIP iPhones Now Available

Bespoke iVIP iPhones are now available exclusively to iVIP members. iVIP iPhones are available in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond:

iVIP Limited Edition iPhones

Limited edition and customisable, in addition to your name and iVIP membership number, we can laser engrave to your specifications on the rear of the device:

iVIP iPhone Rear

If you are interested in a unique iVIP iPhone, contact bespoke@ivipworld.com for more details. Prices on application. Some more images:

iVIP iPhone Side

iVIP iPhone Rose Rim Stand

Gold iVIP iPhone Front

We can accommodate most design requests – if you would like more information or have a specific requirement, get in touch with us now on bespoke@ivipworld.com.

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  1. A.S.:


  2. Charles Knight:

    Come on – Some base prices please!

  3. benjamin sturlese:

    hi, what is the price fot those iphones??



  4. tariq bhat:

    please mail me all the prices

  5. Yes I would love to know more:

    Your message

  6. Keith:

    How cab I get prices on the iPhone 4 cases?

  7. Charisa:

    I am interested in ordering one of these phones. I look forward to your response upon your availabilty.


    Charisa Fussell

  8. Tyriq hill:

    ( Nice i cant wait to get one )

  9. Charisa White:

    I’m interested in purchasing one of these new iPhone 4’s. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. I sent a message earlier but I’m not sure how often you check your messages. Thank you.


    Charisa White-Fussell

  10. Tyriq hill:

    (How do i get my gold iphone 4 with diamonds and how much will it cost)

  11. Jason Dowell:

    i would like to know the price on the iphones

  12. akiyong:

    please mail me all the prices

  13. dylan:

    How much are these amazing looking iphones. since i have bought the ivip black app for $1,000 can i get one of these for some price off.

  14. Juan Manuel Costas:

    I´m very interested please mailme the list of prices 🙂

  15. Sylvain goetz:

    Prices please

  16. kalmas:


  17. Tuncay Kocak:

    i want to get 2 of them, all that i need the prices. Please send me the prices and features of the phones via e-mail.

  18. Lee Alcantara:

    pls. send me the prices via e-mail. Thank you.

  19. Esenty:

    Can you send me prices on 1 to 10, and 10 to 50



  20. Marco:

    Please mail me the price

  21. admin:

    Prices are available by emailing bespoke@ivipworld.com

  22. Don:


  23. Anthony Pieper:

    I need a list of prices before you can even expect me to think about buying each and every one of those ipods and iphones with my immense wealth I inherited from my father, someone rich and famous you people don’t know.

  24. Charles:

    Base prices would be great.

  25. DK:

    Prices? If you have to ask, you can’t afford them.

  26. M wilkerson:

    Common now…. Why u askin… SMH my black card cost 5K

  27. Bandit:

    If you need to ask… You can’t afford it!!!

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  30. joel:

    The bespoke custom designs, actully meke the phone look rather “Chav”.
    Prefer my iphone4 as it was intended.
    Not even remotely bothered about pricing – but if you have to ask then you’re not in a position to buy. LOL

  31. Yee sl:

    Price please.

  32. How mach:

    How mach?

  33. David Hutson:

    How much?

  34. Iva Kozic:

    The iPhones are really beautiful but i would like to know the price.

  35. Prince Imran:

    I want iPhone 4 platinum wit my gfs name of 10ltr in diamonds an red blood ruby

  36. Jarred:

    Hey if one of you guys wouldnt mind getting me one?

  37. person:

    price isn’t important where can i buy one

  38. Donnie:

    Just because someone asked the price of something, doesn’t mean they can’t afford it.The only reason someone would want one of these iPhones or iPods is the same reason we all are using this app, TO SHOW OFF OUR MONEY. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  39. Gargallo:

    Price please!!

  40. Thinh Yeu Dang:

    First off that guy is right people who ask for the price on a message board most likely can’t afford this product anyways. And secondly they told you to email them at bespoke@ivipworld.com for any inquiries.

  41. Neil:

    We do this conversion to
    The iPhone in my business. We can also purchase the iphone for you and then do any of the above options. Real gold and real diamonds can be done but are the price of jewelry cost and are done by a local jewelry store. Let me know what type you want. Super exclusive.

  42. Rob ketelings:

    If you have to ask how expensive they are you probably can’t afford them

  43. Zuhair:

    Please mail me the price list

  44. Net:

    I was just looking

  45. Rudy:

    Price pls thanks

  46. Carl:

    Price please.

  47. John:

    Very Nice Phones, I hope to purchase one of these fine peices of work.

  48. Emre düzakın:

    Price please

  49. Diogo:

    Please email me prices

  50. Sean:

    I would like a gold one with diamonds

  51. Andrew m:

    Totally worth it i love it

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