Win a Uniform Wares Watch in our Friday Prize Draw

Uniform Wares 103 Series PVD Grey | iVIP BlackBox

We have a classic Uniform Wares 100 Series watch waiting to be given away to one lucky winner.

To enter our prize draw just click here to email with your name (and the subject line “Uniform Wares”) – or just Like this Facebook Post, or Retweet this.

For more details see the competition Ts and Cs here. And here is a full description of the watch:

The Uniform Wares 103 model is a revised and re-engineered update of the incredibly popular 100 Series by British brand Uniform Wares. Designed in the UK to resemble British industrial wall clocks, the 103 model features a more durable case machined from aerospace-grade stainless steel – the same material used in their 200 and 300 Series watches.

The watch’s case, buckle and crown have been treated in the same colour with an ultra-matt PVD coating, giving the 100 Series a uniform aesthetic.

The watch has a 37mm diameter face and a 233mm long strap. This is a unisex watch and is equally popular with men and women. Grey.

The competition closes at midnight GMT on Friday November 8th 2013. Good luck!

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  1. Boggles worth:

    This is great for my studio apartment, while eating microwaved soup out of the can.

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